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Do I Qualify for free Medi-Cal coverage?

  • Were you in foster care in ANY state on your 18th birthday or later?
  • Do you live in California now?
  • And are you younger than 26?

Then, YES, you qualify!

Be sure to say you are a former foster youth when you go to sign up.

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4 reasons you should sign up for Medi-Cal coverage for former foster youth:

  1. 1It’s FREE: You pay $0 for health care. You get to save your money for school, rent, food, and other things you need.
  2. 2No new application to fill out each year: You sign up for Medi-Cal one time and stay covered until your 26th birthday.
  3. 3More choices: You can go to any doctor, clinic, therapist, or hospital that takes Medi-Cal.
  4. 4Fewer questions: Because you qualify for Medi-Cal coverage regardless of income, you can skip questions about your income when you fill out any forms or applications for coverage.

What’s covered?

  • Medical care
  • Vision exams
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Mental health services and counseling
  • Dental care

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